Quotes from Behaviorism
These are a set of quotes from various behaviorist sources in which they offer treatment recommendations, such as the use of time out and positive attention.  I have used these quotes during presentations I've given, where I would hand out these quotes (and sometimes I'd include them in my powerpoint) and I would comment on them during the course of the presentation.  These quotes and my commentary highlight the problems with the traditional behaviorist approach to child therapy. 

Wife Therapy
The goal of this handout is to highlight the conceptual failures of child "Behavior Therapy." 

For the "Wife Therapy" handout, I first created a traditional child behavior therapy program, using the DSM-IV diagnostic criteria for Oppositional Defiant Disorder as the presenting problem.  I then performed a "search-and-replace" function on the computer, replacing the word "parent" with "husband," and the word "child" with the word "wife."   So... "child therapy" becomes "wife therapy."

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